,Koaxialkabel,100m,U,4K,135dB,Kabel,Sat,FullHD,$14,Koax,/balcony1017501.html,Antennenkabel,Elektronik Foto , Fernseher Heimkino , Zubehör 100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Minneapolis Mall Kabel 4K U Antennenkabel FullHD $14 100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Kabel Antennenkabel 4K FullHD U Elektronik Foto Fernseher Heimkino Zubehör 100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Minneapolis Mall Kabel 4K U Antennenkabel FullHD,Koaxialkabel,100m,U,4K,135dB,Kabel,Sat,FullHD,$14,Koax,/balcony1017501.html,Antennenkabel,Elektronik Foto , Fernseher Heimkino , Zubehör $14 100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Kabel Antennenkabel 4K FullHD U Elektronik Foto Fernseher Heimkino Zubehör

100m 135dB Washington Mall Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Minneapolis Mall Kabel 4K U Antennenkabel FullHD

100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Kabel Antennenkabel 4K FullHD U


100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Kabel Antennenkabel 4K FullHD U




ARLI Koaxialkabel  für digitale und HD Sat-Anlagen 

Das Kabel ist 5-fach geschirmt und UV-Beständig somit gewährleistet es eine gute Abschirmung gegen Störquellen von außen.

Geeignet für DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, Digital, HD-, 3D- und 4K empfang.

Technische Daten:
- 5-fach geschirmt
- Innenleiter: 1.02±0.01 mm
- Außenmantel: Material PVC (ROHS) 7.2±0.1 mm
- Schirmungsmaß: max. 135 dB
- Metermarkierung
- Farbe: Weiss

- 1x ARLI 100m Koaxialkabel


100m 135dB Sat Koaxialkabel Koax Kabel Antennenkabel 4K FullHD U


Voorjaarsbloeiers zijn een must voor elke tuin! Wij garanderen topkwaliteit, lage prijzen en een snelle levering. Ontdek ons brede assortiment, kies uw favorieten en wij zorgen dat uw bestelling in de juiste planttijd aan huis geleverd wordt.

Bekijk ons aanbod
Vaste planten

Het hele jaar sfeer in uw tuin met bloeiende vaste planten! Ze zijn kleurrijk en goed te combineren met uw favoriete bloembollen

Bekijk assortiment

Ontdek onze nieuwste soorten


Creëer een kleurexplosie in uw tuin met onze bloembollen mixen

Plant instructies
Plant instructies

Tips & Tricks voor het optimaal planten en verzorgen van uw bloembollen


Bekend om hun levendige, heldere kleuren en mooie vorm, behoren tulpen tot de absolute tuinfavorieten. Geniet van onze geweldige collectie tulpenbollen en kies uw favorieten!

Bekijk assortiment

De beste bloembollen van Nederlandse bodem!

Welkom bij BULBi, waar u als particulier rechtstreeks bij de groothandel bloembollen kunt kopen. Wij bieden onze klanten hoge kwaliteit bloembollen en planten voor lage prijzen. Bestel eenvoudig online, kies uw gewenste levertijd en ontvang bestelling snel bij u thuis! Levering is mogelijk door heel Europa! Bestel vandaag nog en geniet vanaf het vroege voorjaar tot in de herfst van de mooiste bloemen en planten in de tuin, terras of balkon.

Het aanbod van bloembollen varieert op basis van het seizoen. BULBi biedt voor elk seizoen een grote collectie voorjaarsbloeiers en zomerbloeiers. Bekende voorjaarsbloeiers als Tulpen, Narcissen, Krokussen en Hyacinten kunt u bestellen vanaf het voorjaar voor levering in het najaar. Zomerbloeiers als Dahlia’s, Begonia’s en Gladiolen zijn online te bestellen vanaf het najaar en worden in het voorjaar uitgeleverd. Tevens bieden wij in een groot assortiment vaste planten aan. Ideaal om te combineren met bloembollen voor een prachtige tuin vol kleuren en geuren!

Laat je inspireren en blijf op de hoogte! #BULBiNL

72 0

It is certainly not too late to plant flower bulbs. ⏲️⁠ Flower bulbs love a well-cooled soil. So, are you still in doubt about planting spring bulbs? Or are you looking for a addition? That is possible!

50 0

Sometimes it is hard to imagine how the colour combinations will turn out in your spring garden. But remember that you can't go wrong, colourblocking in the garden is always a pleasure to watch

84 2

Perhaps one of the most impressive tubers in our warehouse, the tubers of the Eremurus. The star-shaped tuber or root has long, fleshy stems that resemble an octopus. Eremurus does well in any type of soil, provided it is not too wet. When planting, make

70 0

It is not too late to create a colourful tulip display!

122 7

Double late tulips are also called peony tulips. They have beautiful double petals which resemble the flowers of peonies. One of our favourites is tulip 'Dream touch'. The double petals are purple-red with narrow white edges. ⁠ ⁠ #doublelatetulips #peonyt

90 10

The bulbs are ready to go into the soil. Have you planted any bulbs yet? ⁠ ⁠ #flowerbulbs #zwiebeln #tulipbulbs #daffodils #tulips #gardening #planting #bulbinl

54 2

Alliums are the perfect colourful addition to your garden between early spring and summer flowering bulbs. ⁠ For example, Allium Christophii, this allium forms many star-shaped flowers in shiny violet with a silvery glow. ⁠ Combines well with perennials a

71 2

The moment the flowers are about to bloom... Do you remember how that feels?

24 2

Helping the Dahlia tubers through the cold winter months>>⁠ ⁠ It is advisable to remove the dahlia tubers from the soil before the first frost. You can do it now, for example if you need the space to plant spring-flowering bulbs. But you can also wait unt

89 2

Dahlia 'Dazzling Sun' provides al bit of sunshine on this Monday. ☀️⁠ We wish you a nice week! ⁠ ⁠ #dahlia #dahlialove #dahlien #dahliagarden #gardening #sunshine #flowergarden #bulbinl

46 0

Guess who is eating courgette tonight?

99 4

This is definitely a show stopper in your spring garden! ⁠ With beautiful pink/orange colours and a fringed edge, tulip 'Amazing Parrot' is a true work of art. ⁠ Plant the bulbs in this period and enjoy the beautiful flowering result in April/May. ⁠ ⁠ #am

73 2

Brightening up a large green space? Allium oreophilum is an Allium that naturalises easily and is therefore ideal for mass planting! Allium oreophilum is a miniature allium that will catch the eye with its bright pink flowers and open blooms. A true gem!⁠

78 0

One to remember: Dahlia 'Bluesette' is a beautiful decorative dahlia. The dahlia grows to about 50 cm in height and is therefore well suited to planting in pots. Definitely one to put on your wish list for next season!⁠ ⁠ #dahlia #dahlialove #dahlien #dah

71 0

A garden design in purple tones? How about these pretty purple ones!⁠ ⁠ Allium aflatunense⁠ Tulipa 'Cummins'⁠ Iris pallida 'Variegata'⁠ Crocus 'Pickwick'⁠ ⁠ #purple #gardendesign #gardening #planting #springgarden #flowerbulbs #bulbinl ⁠

64 0

Fritillaria meleagris in the mix! ⁠ Each stem produces several bell-shaped purple (sometimes white) flowers that are decoratively checkered. Fritillaria meleagris naturalise well in a permeable, constantly humid place. The bulbs are sensitive to dehydrati

87 0

October is the perfect month to plant flower bulbs. By planting different types of bulbs and taking the flowering period into account, you can enjoy spring flowers every month from January onwards.⁠ ⁠ #gardenplanning #gardening #gardentip #plantingtip #pl

86 0

54 0

Have you ever given flower bulbs as a gift? It gives double pleasure; to give now and in a few months' time when the flowers are in bloom. We have a number of varieties with appropriate names. How about Tulip 'Honeymoon'? A strong cripsa tulip, so nice as

25 0

The difference between a bulb and a tuber is that bulbs store the reserve food in the underground leaves (also called scales). Even before the plant emerges above ground, the stem, leaves and flower have already formed in the bulb. In tubers, the food is

71 2

Are you planning your spring garden?⁠ Consider this stunning flower! Hyacinth 'Gipsy Queen' has beautiful coral-pink flowers and smells wonderful. ⁠ And although it is a striking colour, the hyacinth blends in perfectly with romantic gardens, or more trop

55 0

What about this master piece!⁠ Daffodil 'Flower Drift' is an attractive double daffodil with large flowers. The rounded flower head is creamy white and the centre has short, bright orange petals. A decorative, long-flowering cultivar that flowers in the m

150 3

* Enjoy these beauties while you still can * ⁠ The best time to dig up dahlia tubers is after the first (mild) frost, this of course varies from country to country. For now, enjoy all the beauty of the flowers!⁠ ⁠ The photo shows dahlia 'Berliner Kleene',

56 0

Planting a flowerbulb lasagne in a pink colour scheme?⁠ Consider these pretty pink varieties!

53 9

It is actually very easy, planting bulbs is done like this: ⁠ ⁠ ➡️1. Consider carefully which flower bulbs you want to plant and especially when you want to plant them. Spring bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths can be planted in the autumn, fro

69 0

It was wonderful to visit @fbtuinbouw show garden. In a while the dahlia tubers will dug out of the soil again, but for this moment we still enjoy the beautiful bloom! ⁠ ⁠ Tip: Write down the names of the varieties you want in your garden next year. In th

70 2

The most well-known Hyacinth and for good reason! Hyacinth 'Delft Blue' has beautifully coloured violet-blue flowers. Because of its firm and compact form this hyacinth is also ideal for pots.⁠ Are you planting hyacinths this season? ⁠ ⁠ #hyacinths #flowe

61 0

Fritillarias have a striking and unusual appearance. With the Fritillaria imperialis variety, the leaves stand up like a crown and the flowers hang down below. Combine the Fritillaria imperialis with triumph tulips for a majestic effect!⁠ ⁠ Handy to know

70 0

Oh how we love Dahlia season!⁠ Regularly a beautiful bunch of dahlias in the house, the result of planting dahlia tubers in spring. ⁠ ⁠ For those who do not have dahlias in the garden. Where do you pick or buy dahlias? Leave your tip below!

41 3

Not ready to plant your spring flowering bulbs right away? ⁠ Make sure your bulbs can breathe!⁠ ⁠

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